HYBRID: Past Life Regression with Aimee Bello

about this event

Aimee will guide you through a Past Life Regression where you will access memories from your present and past lifetimes through hypnosis. Hypnosis is hyper-focused attention where everything else falls away and you are locked onto whatever you are choosing to. You can be hypnotized by your TV, phone, in a conversation, while driving. In all those examples you have full control whether to stay hyper-focused or not. By choosing to give attention to Aimee’s voice as she guides you through a relaxing meditation, all sounds and distractions will fall away.

In such a calm, relaxed state, you will be able to remember what you are ready to. Those memories whether from this lifetime, during your birth, in utero and/or past lifetimes, will give you a better understanding of where current blocks and limitations began that are hindering you from living the life of your ultimate potential today. You then are able to make peace to release them. With practice, an open mind and open heart, the benefits are relief of physical, mental, emotional and energetic anxieties, stresses, pains, patterns and habits that no longer serve you and your growth.

HybridFRI, 12/9 | 8:10-9:45 | Included in Membership

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