Human Design 101: Become Your Own Chart Reader with Amanda Green

about this event

Human Design is a system that uses astrology, the I-Ching, and metaphysics to understand

You’ve likely heard of Human Design before (our friend Jenna has talked quite a bit about it in the press lately), but if you haven’t, it’s basically like Myers-Briggs meets astrology on steroids.

It’s great.

You can look up your design type here.

Unlike astrology or Myers-Briggs, though, Human Design is a relatively opaque and complex practice. There isn’t a lot of information readily available to those who are curious—understanding your chart usually involves a 1:1 session with someone who reads Human Design, or scouring the internet for clues on what that arrow could mean or this cross could tell you.

Human Design charts are so rich with detail, but because they’re so difficult to read as a novice, most of us just don’t even know where to start.


Holisticism has teamed up with Human Design Reader Amanda Green to bring you a virtual workshop to teach you how to read your own chart.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • what the different parts of the chart represent
  • the HD types and their characteristics
  • how to recognize when you’re in the “not self”
  • the strategies for decision making
  • how to easily get basic translation for the different Profiles
  • all about what is means to have a center defined or undefined
  • the first thing to notice about channels even before diving their meaning
  • some key things to notice when you’re looking at your chart next to your significant other’s chart

This is a virtual workshop — attendees will be able to ask questions in real time and get feedback from Imani.

Can’t make the virtual event live broadcast? No biggie. All attendees will receive an audio, video, and PDF version of the workshop digitally.