Hug Haven Cuddle Class

about this event

Vaccination + Booster required. Covid protocol in place.
Limited spots.

Welcome to our guided experiential workshop on Cuddling.

Relax and let us guide you step by step into the charming realm of platonic touch aka Cuddling.

We will use well-tested sequences of fun exercises to create a container where we can safely exchange touch with each other.

Exchanging no-strings-attached platonic touch with a stranger reduces brain overwhelm within seconds and re-calibrates the body’s fight-flight-freeze mechanism.

Substantial increase in person’s creativity and well-being is often reported as the result.Watch more about cuddling here:


2:30 Doors open/Check-in

2:45 DOORS CLOSE****No late arrivals can be admitted to this event after doors close

2:45 COVID-19 Safety Protocol

3:00 Opening Circle

3:30 We Begin! Building a safe container. What cuddling is and what it’s not. How to cuddle safely, concepts and etiquette. This is a guided sequence of relaxation activities, talking, communication exercises and short demos, designed to break the ice, synchronize the group as a whole by establishing the atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and safety.

4:30 Let’s go cuddle! Yay! While not forgetting that: (all will be explained)*All activities are optional.You may step out at any time and get back in later.*Respect boundaries of others. (Ideally with enthusiasm).*No touch is ever required.*”Yes” means yes, “no” means no.*If you are feeling a maybe, say “no.”*You may change your mind at any time.*All touch is G-Rated. (If a six-year-old enters the room unexpectedly, nothing needs to be adjusted.)

5:50 Closing circle + end of cuddle class

6:30 Post-Cuddle Class Cool Down Gathering (same location); BYO snacks/drinks and/or pizza delivery (pizza is add’l $10 at checkout)

8:15 Clean-up + Fond Farewell


  • Wear comfortable clothes allowing movement that are conducive to snuggling.
  • Cotton t-shirts, pajamas, leggings, sweatpants…You can change when you arrive.
  • Shorts to mid-thigh and a tank top is a minimum amount of clothing required for the event.
  • Shoes will be off and we’ll be on a padded area on the floor, socks are optional.


  1. Please arrive sober so that you can give consent
  2. Personal hygiene is important – be squeaky clean and minty fresh. It’s easier to get close that way
  3. No heavy perfumes
  4. No cigarette smoke prior to arriving


  1. Yoga mat + blanket and/or sleeping bag to create the padded area on the hardwood floor
  2. Water/snacks, other refreshments for during and/or optional post cuddle social
  3. A good attitude + open heart
  4. Optional: your favorite pillow, plush/teddy bear


Ondrej (Hugo) Franek certified with Cuddle Sanctuary in 2016, two years after he had left his IT-engineering career in Prague, Czech Republic. Ondrej believes that having been legally blind since birth gives him a unique insight while cuddling. Read more about Hugo here:

Stella Cheung’s passion is bringing community together by facilitating events with the purpose of creating more authentic connection and meaningful dialogue. She has 20+years of teaching yoga, meditation, and shamanism, and is also trained in conflict resolution as a certified mediator. Her work lies at the intersection of somatics, spirituality, and social change. Read more about Stella here:


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