How To Process & Release Heavy Emotions & Have A More Fulfilling Life

about this event

Join Michelle Alva for an online experience where we explore meditation, and effective body-mind exercises to process and release years of heavy emotions like shame, guilt and chronic pain.

When I passed out a Self-Love Survey, the top reason people wrote why they don’t love themselves is because they are holding shame and guilt and feel stuck in the past.

Did you know one of the top reasons why we have a hard time being vulnerable is because of holding shame and guilt?

Yes! I used to hold shame and guilt, having had sexual trauma and also being raised in a very religious environment… I thought God didn’t love me any more because I was not a virgin. Emotions when unprocessed and trapped in the body, cause us to hold a lot of pain… and we can liberate ourselves from this chronic pain with simple, science based and effective techniques from The Alva Method. I have gone from Pain To Pleasure, and I am here to guide you in this one hour introductory class.

You can listen via zoom or phone and all that is required is a headset from the comfort of your home.

Minimum donation of $20 for people who live in the USA will include an Essential Oil gift, to manage your emotions and to use during the day of the class,

The bundle includes samples of Adaptiv, Lavender and Wild Orange DoTERRA essential oils. These are pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and have been researched and may reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and depression symptoms. Just send me your address when you register via Eventbrite.