Rescheduled for May 3: How To Hold Space For Your Teenager

about this event

This event has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 3, 12-1pm EDT.

Join NUSHU Founder Vanessa Cornell for a free masterclass on holding space for your teenager(s).

All children want to be loved, feel safe, and feel seen. We usually do a good job of the first two, but what about the last one?

Are we able to hold a safe space for our teenagers to fully show themselves to us? How do we build a deep and trusting relationship with our teenagers?

In this free masterclass, Vanessa will explain the basic principles of holding space in the context of parenting teenage children. Building your skill as a space holder can create a major impact on your relationships, allowing you to show up more fully for those you love.

About Vanessa Cornell:

Vanessa Cornell is a master space holder and the founder of NUSHU. She creates experiences of safety and transformation that invite you to shed your masks, access your truth and connect deeply with others. Vanessa teaches others to hold powerful space through her signature program: NUSHU Group Facilitator Training. In her teachings, Vanessa invites you to come home to yourself, embody your full humanity, find a place of deep connection to your inner guide, and claim your purpose and power.

About NUSHU:

Founded in 2017 by Vanessa Cornell, NUSHU is a wellness collective and global community committed to fostering true connection, personal growth, and empowerment. The work of NUSHU is grounded in NUSHU Group, a modality centered around the belief that when we gather together and share openly, the potential for healing is vast. Since its inception, thousands have gathered to co-create a powerful space of acceptance, non-judgment and love. Additionally, NUSHU offers curated programming and events, courses, a public membership community, and more.

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