How to Heal Yourself Reiki and Tools for Self-healing

about this event

What are you here to do in the world? You know there’s more; more fulfillment, happiness, clarity. So what’s holding you back?

At our core, we are whole, divine and we know exactly what we want. Somewhere along the way, we developed beliefs and stories about who we are, what we have to do, and what our lives are supposed to be like.

The good news; you can rewrite those stories. You can heal yourself and operate from your unique and radiant wholeness.

This is not about continuing to buy into on-going courses. This is not about fixing everything by the time you walk out of this program either. This is about clearing your system from energy and beliefs that are keeping you from what you want in life. This is about up-leveling your connecting with yourself, spirit and natural capacities. This is about giving you the tools to continue to engage your ongoing journey of growth, catalyzed by an alignment of your whole system with your highest self and path.

What exactly is this?

This is a course that empowers you with the Reiki energy system and a set of mindfulness and psychology tools and techniques that empower you to engage your own healing and transformation process.

Why, Reiki? Reiki is an energy system that allows you to channel the energy of the universe through you for the advancement of your own enlightenment and the healing of yourself and others. The energy itself heals physical, emotional and spiritual levels of your system. This course pairs Reiki with meditative practices and developmental psychology approaches, that allow you engage the stories that are keeping you from your fullest expression in this world.

You should take this course if:

  • You are experiencing stress and unease and want tools for engaging it
  • You know there’s something more meaningful than what you’re doing but you’re not sure what or how to get there
  • You are doing great things but you feel you could/should be more successful somehow
  • You want real fulfillment
  • You want to explore the world of the spirit, “magic”, and your connection to something greater
  • You feel like you’re in a funk and you’re not sure what it’s about
  • You’ve have ongoing physical pain that may have an emotional or spiritual origin

Who am I and why do I care?

I thought I had everything. I was working in the realms of social change while also being a well-recognized thought leader, honored in all sorts of publications like Fast Company and working with leaders around the world. But at my core, there was something that was still missing. Reiki completely changed my life and aligned me to my life’s purpose. Along the way, I cultivated embodiment tools that have helped me deconstruct my beliefs, heal and gain incredible clarity, peace and ease in my life while living my purpose more than I ever knew was possible.

I want this for you. Which is why I’m sharing everything I’ve learned and all the tools that have empowered me along my path in this course. What’s more, I’m offering each person who signs up 1:1 coaching and healing sessions to help you realize your power and purpose in this life: because the world needs you to come alive!

What you’ll learn in this series:

  • Reiki levels 1, 2, 3 (and for those who wish to teach themselves, Master Level Reiki attunement)
  • How to spot limiting beliefs, engage, and rewrite them
  • Finding and healing core insecurities and wounds
  • Understanding your personal gifts
  • Connecting with what you want
  • Working with energetic states and manifestation

This course is divided into three sections. You can participate in one or all sections to learn the full Reiki System, engage the energy in healing underlying wounds and beliefs that you hold, and to manifest your true desire and role in this world.

Level I: Healing the Body and the Heart

The first part of this course parallels the focus of the first level of Reiki, which is all about healing the physical body and heart. In this first section, you will receive an attunement to level 1 Reiki in which the teacher passes on the Reiki energy to your energy system. This attunement allows you to channel the energy through your body to heal yourself and others.

You will also learn tools for connecting with your body, understanding how your body stores beliefs and start to engage your body to be able to address and rewrite the beliefs stored there.

As the energy moves through your system, it also shows up in various aspects of life as it clears out old wounds and hits up against old beliefs. Through reflection practices, and peer support, we address any challenges and opportunities for growth that emerge, gain perspective on how reiki is showing up in our lives and what areas of our bodies and lives are open to healing.

We also have 1:1 coaching and reiki sessions throughout the module to support you through the work and help with integration.

What you’ll get in this module:

  • Attunement for Reiki Level 1 which allows you to start channeling reiki and facilitates healing of the body and heart
  • Hands-on learning in how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others
  • Meditation and self-engagement practices for how to identify blockages/belief systems + resolve them
  • Group support with how Reiki is showing up in your life, identifying and working through blockages
  • 1:1 support and two coaching and Reiki sessions with the teacher

This is a one-month long cohort that meets once weekly online for workshops and practice. This is done to support engagement of a 21 days cleanse catalyzed by the Reiki Attunement. Coaching and attunements are scheduled independently to accomodate your schedule and done via video call.

Level II: Healing the Emotional Body

Reiki II is a major leveling up in energy and clearing in your life. This second level is all about emotional healing. We humans are highly emotional creatures, with complex psychological stories. Most of us carry emotional injuries and traumas with us from childhood that are no-longer serving us and structure our whole lives around these wounds in order to fulfill our emotional needs. In this section, we develop the power to heal these wounds. In addition to the attunement, we’ll learn how to identify these stories through the lens of developmental psychology. We also learn how to engage these stories with healing attention and reiki, allowing the potential for them to be approached from a new perspective.

This section is very powerful for helping you find alignment in your life. Whether it’s career, how you engage with others, this section will help you understand why you do what you do. This section will include quite a bit of group work and support from your peers and cohort and the teacher 1:1 to truly get to the core of fundamental beliefs that are holding you back; holding space for you to heal them, and supporting your continued work engaging them.

What you’ll receive in this phase:

  • Attunement for Reiki Level 2 which increases your bandwidth to channel the energy, allows you to send the energy by distance and catalyzes emotional healing,
  • Hands-on learning in how to send Reiki to friends, family and others you wish to support with this gift
  • Learning for how to understand your own psychology, stories and techniques for how to heal them
  • Group support with how Reiki is showing up in your life, identifying and working through blockages and how to continue doing this yourself
  • 1:1 support and through two coaching and Reiki sessions with the teacher

Level III: Spiritual Healing & Master Attunement

This level is about healing the spiritual realm, understanding your true nature, and manifesting the life you desire. Reiki III heals the spiritual levels of our being. This level also offers you the opportunity to step into a Master level role to share the energy forward and teach the Reiki system to others.

In this section, we’ll also work to uncover your deepest desires, purpose and help you live a life of joy. Through exercises and meditations, you’ll connect with your unique character, qualities, and gifts as you explore our purpose and vision for a life you love. From a deep sense of connection with self and spirit, we’ll invite in a vision of a life we love and learn how to allow this vision to become a reality.

What you’ll receive in this phase:

  • Attunement for Reiki Level 3 which increases your bandwidth to channel the energy yet again, allows you to heal the spiritual realm and step into lower nirvana. (A Master level attunement allows you to teach and empower others with the ability to channel Reiki.)
  • Personal inquiry and energetic practices that help you understand your own character, gifts and strengths
  • Practices that help you access a vision for what you want in your life
  • Manifestation practices that help you make your vision a reality
  • Group support with how Reiki is showing up in your life, identifying and working through blockages and how to continue doing this yourself
  • Group healing of remaining blockages and spiritual wounds standing in that way of you and your happiness
  • 1:1 support and through two coaching and Reiki sessions with the teacher

About the Teacher:

Rei Chou is a facilitator, artist, and healer. She draws on 10 years of experience in convening, facilitation and experience design with organizations ranging from The White House to The Rockefeller Foundation. As a founder of The Feast, she catalyzed thousands of people to gather for meaningful conversations to foster collective empowerment.

She has worked for 7 years as a master-level Reiki practitioner, teaching and doing transmissions for individuals and groups. She is also a Reiki Tummo practitioner and KAP energy facilitator. She is passionate about helping each person realize their true heart’s expression by creating experiences that help people realize they’re part of something greater.

*This course is by invitation/application only. Please note that the distance transmission is just as potent and effective as an in-person class. Due to the current situation, I am working to accomodate as many people as possible regardless of financial situation (open to payment plans and work-trades) Please email for more information.