How to Have a Fresh Start with Abbie Schiller

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It’s Spring – time for rebirth, renewal and reinvention. If your day-to-day is not sparking any joy, join us for a life coaching quick course on fresh starts. Let’s purge some mental weight, declutter the mind, and learn how to start fresh. Learn how to compassionately and gently take inventory of where you are and decide what you want the rest of the year to feel like with a series of brainstorms, guided visualizations, and life-changing coaching tools to shift you into a more open, positive mindset. Come join Abbie see what’s possible for you.

Abbie Schiller is a professional life & goal coach, entrepreneur, mama and manifester who is deeply invested in improving the lives of others. She is the creator of The Visioning Course, a revolutionary goal setting workshop that helps people take an honest look at the results in their lives and decide what (and how) they want to change. For the past nine years, thought this transformational course, she has taught hundreds of people the science-backed tools to shift out of survival mode, expand mindset, achieve differently, change self-sabotaging habits and behaviors, overcome fears and obstacles, and shed limiting beliefs. She brings her own 14 year experience as the CEO and Founder of The Mother Company, an Emmy-winning family media company, and previously as a VP-level executive in public relations and brand strategy, to her clients which she coaches one-on-one and in group settings.

In-PersonFriday, April 28 | 8:15-9:15pm | $35

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