How To Feel Free

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Liberate Your Trauma… The Beginning of Bliss

It’s natural to cry … but it’s not ok to let your trauma run your life!

Learn The 3 Sacred Secrets of How To Feel Free By Transforming Your Limiting Beliefs & Embodying Your Boundaries – LIVE Workshop w/ Dr. Rachel on Saturday, October 16th @ 10am pst

Registration Fee: $44 Early Bird, $49 Day Of

The last few weeks have been intense for many. The Pisces full moon, equinox, and 7 planets retrograde (!!) can make even the most grounded people feel a little out of sorts.

If this season has brought some trauma to the surface, you’re not alone. We all have buried trauma, past pain that we hide away, and deeply seeded wounding that we’d prefer not to look at directly.

But we have a secret … it’s the looking at it directly that will help you live your best life!

While this work of healing trauma isn’t necessarily easy, it’s necessary and fruitful! And if you’re looking for a compassionate and professional facilitator to work with on healing your trauma, you’d found your place! 

Your freedom is within you. There are layers & circumstances & conditions… but you are sovereign.⁣

That’s why I’m hosting a LIVE 2 hour workshop this weekend, Oct 16th @ 10am pst, to help you compassionately call yourself out on your buried trauma so that you can learn HOW TO FEEL FREE!

In this workshop you’ll experience:

  • inner child healing
  • shadow work on a deep level
  • the power of self-image
  • limiting belief busting
  • boundary setting
  • safety and accountability

I will lead you through a 2-hour deep dive into liberating & empowering yourself. You’ll gain direct access to me for questions and support. A workbook is included and you’ll have access to the workshop for life!

I believe that our struggles are the portals into our most profound transformations. I believe that our problematic patterns aren’t personal but rather informative. And that when we learn how to listen & align, we heal, empower, and transform.⁣ ⁣It isn’t until we understand ourselves and embody our power that we can create the changes we seek. ⁣⁣

In this Saturday’s intimate presentation I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned about trauma’s impact on limiting beliefs, and the simple but powerful practices you can start implementing RIGHT AWAY to feel more free. 

We’ll explore:

  • What self-sabotage really boils down to and how simple it is to heal…⁣
  • Why you feel disempowered and what you can start doing IMMEDIATELY to change it…⁣
  • How childhood trauma impacts our sense of freedom in adulthood⁣
  • The power of self-image to create high-caliber relationships, careers, & life experiences⁣
  • Deep and profound practices to begin feeling inner peace, compassion and ease…⁣
  • How to meet your own needs which automatically relieves old patterns⁣
  • How to shift limiting beliefs to liberating truths⁣
  • How to embody your boundaries and stop abandoning yourself ⁣
  • Why being in safe community is everything⁣⁣!

Plus Q&A!⁣ ⁣

I’ll give you actions and tools you can implement to begin to heal, empower, and transform your experiences. ⁣⁣

💫Need help with self-sabotage? We’ll cover it.⁣⁣

💫Ready to stop people-pleasing and set better boundaries? I’ve got you.

⁣⁣💫Want to understand how to have caliber relationships? I’ll show you.⁣⁣

How To Feel Free is this Saturday, Oct 16th at 10amPT / 1pm ET. If you can’t make it live, the recording will be sent shortly after the live class wraps up!

About Dr. Rachel⁣ Greenberg⁣Dr. Rachel is known as @heydrrachel on Instagram & is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Founder of The Numinous Path, her Psycho-Spiritual Paradigm for Whole Self Healing and Transformation. With over 5,000 clinical hours, 2 Master’s Degrees and a Doctorate in Psychology, she’s realized what type of innovative practices are required for a holistic sense of sacred self & well-being, beyond just treating symptoms or spiritual bypass. She invites you to awaken and empower your life through deepening your Truth. Learn more at


Thank you so much, Rachel. These words move deeply. I am so grateful for you and your course.”

“I thank you for this course. It is best practical course that I have had the good fortune to find.”

“This is an amazing and helpful course. She is very responsive to questions and comments which helps clarify and deepen your understanding. I will be revisiting this course in the future to see where I am at in the process.”

“What an amazing and life changing class! Thank you very much for your wisdom and gift of this information. I am going to retake again and again as part of this healing journey.”

“Just what I needed!! Thank you and namaste.”

“I will definitely be revisiting this course in its parts and as a whole periodically to maintain and expand on myself. Thank you!”

“A wonderful course with guidance and principals for living into my most authentic and abundant life. Beautifully expressed with care and compassion throughout. Worthy of taking and revisiting.”

“Truly amazing and enlightening!!!!”

“Rachel, Could you please show me how I can go back and do course again so I can review and hear early lessons. So helpful. I tried to go back but it doesn’t let me once lesson finished. Thank you for all your insight and wisdom.”

“I really appreciated lesson 8- setting boundaries has always felt uncomfortable for me, possibly because I feel I won’t be liked. It feels too rigid or harsh. Finally now, I understand it is necessary, otherwise you are being pulled in all sorts of directions which results in confusion and feeling let down. This lesson makes so much sense and I finally get it. I’m excited to start the 30 day 3 boundaries excercise. Thank you.”

“Unpacking the shadow self really resonated with me. I have a narcissistic mother and now, looking back, I see how her expectations of me as a child repressed my authentic self and created a lot of shadows. My negative emotions were not allowed. My needs and wants were not allowed to be expressed. I have spent a lot of my life denying my own feelings, wants, and needs to make others happy. Now that I realize this, I need to allow myself to feel and express these things without the accompanying guilt. Thank you for helping me get to this place so that I might further heal the old wounds.”

“Such a fabulous, insightful course! Will do it over and over again.”

“Challenging and dense. I needed this.”

“I feel like this class is finding me at just the right time. I’m open to change.”

“Rachel, This course is just what I needed. I have been looking for this for years. I kept eating foods that sabotaged my health. I know now that my mom comforted me through food. It was her way of loving me. I grieve her now. Now before I eat I will bring to consciousness, the choices of what my body really needs to feel healthy and thrive. How do I make this a life-long habit Rachel? I am so afraid to slip back. When I don’t eat well, I get sick. Thanks for putting this course together for us. It could not be more perfect for me where I am now. I send you light and love.”

“Hi Rachel Just wanted to say I’m progressing thru your course and I’m benefitting from it already. It is the best course I have ever done. Thank you for your compassionate work”