How to Eat Right For Your Gut, an Ayurvedic Perspective!

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So you were told to eat a light meal… and you had a salad. Now you experience bloating and indigestion and you don’t know why?

Ayurveda explains how to understand what our mind considers “light” does not always mean the body feels it so.

In this discussion we will deep dive into the Gunas of Ayurveda.

Gunas are the attributes/qualities of substances that explain how each substance interacts with the elements in the body. 

The gunas help us to understand how the body interprets food and its effects in our digestion.

> The question often people ask is;“So, what am I supposed to eat for my condition? “

Food is not something someone can prescribe, but food is a way to connect to one’s inner world.Food is medicine for the body, and ought to be treated as such.

In this workshop, you will discover:

> How to understand what foods are right for your gut.> The questions we will focus on are:- How you eat?- When you eat?- What you eat?- How much you eat?- Where you eat?- Why you eat?

= The 6 Different Tastes and how the body experiences each. = Food combinations and incompatibilities= Cycles of Digestion in Tissues. 

Join us in becoming deeply connected and aware of the inner workings of our bodies, by understanding what each of your organs needs and how you can fulfill those inner body needs.

It will also include,+ A short guided meditation,+ A chant for health and wellbeing,+ Breath-work practices 

How to join this Webinar?

Payment: 15$Message me for more info

**Sessions will be recorded, so if you cannot make the live webinar, a recording will be available to you.

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