How to Create Transformation

about this event


Learn how to nurture deep transformation at the individual and group level. For leaders, facilitators, and anyone with a message to share.

About this event

Do you work with people and yearn to bring about transformation? Have you been yearning to share your message in a way that makes a difference?

And yet…do you often feel that even though you are able to share information – and people “say” they get it – no transformation happens? What is going on?

Whether you are already a leader in an organization, or someone who is passionate about teaching, sharing, hosting, and making a difference, I invite you to join me to learn about what brings about deep lasting transformation at the individual and group level.

  • Understand how each of us experiences reality – and the only thing that transforms it
  • Explore teachings that are counter-cultural to mainstream leadership advice
  • Step into the mystery and power of your inner Wisdom
  • Begin to learn how to work with groups in a transformative way
  • Delve into leading from a place of interconnection and co-creation

If you are looking to deepen your ability to lead, relate, and bring forth transformation, join me for the next Off the Beaten Path workshop. This event will take place live online and is INTERACTIVE.

You can calculate your local time to participate here. I will host the workshop twice to make it easy for people from different time zones to participate. You only need to attend once 🙂

This workshop will not be recorded.

About Off The Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path is Repurpose Your Purpose‘s series of interactive teachings for living a fulfilling life. A fulfilling life is one in which we feel at One with ourselves and others, at home in the world, and where we pursue work and relationships that are in alignment with our values and purpose.

We are bombarded by content based on domination, hierarchical, and disconnecting paradigms. Nothing will ever truly shift on a personal and societal level until we reconnect with much deeper Wisdom. There have always been teachings pointing us in a more helpful direction: this series of workshops is about stepping Off the Beaten Path to embark on a journey of true transformation.

Off the Beaten Path spans different topics, exploring living, working, and relating from your own deeper wisdom and understanding.

Ready to take the first step Off The Beaten Path?


  • This event will take place live online and is INTERACTIVE. You can calculate your local time to participate here.
  • Please note that this event will NOT be recorded to protect participants’ privacy and allow deeper sharing
  • I will host this workshop twice, once at 10 am Los Angeles time and one at 5 pm Los Angeles time in order to accommodate different time zones. You only have to participate once.
  • Please make sure you have fast and reliable internet connection, video camera, headphones and mic as needed to participate.
  • To co create a safe and respectful space, please be on time
  • Although a Zoom app is available, I highly recommend you plan on attending using your laptop or desktop computer.
  • The workshop is open to anybody from anywhere in the world 🙂 The entire workshop will be in English.
  • Please choose a quiet environment free of distractions to participate: this is a completely live and interactive workshop and you will need to be fully present and participate.