How to Change Careers as an Expat

about this event

Do you dream about moving abroad and changing careers? Three career changers share what it’s really like and how they made it happen!

  • Does remote work inspire you to imagine what it would be like to move to a different country?
  • Have you always felt more at home somewhere far from where you grew up?
  • Have you been dreaming of being a “digital nomad”?
  • Do you think there would be more opportunities to do what you love or to raise a family abroad?

As travel remains restricted and we get used to connecting online and working from home, you might find yourself dreaming of living in a completely different place. From a different language, laws, and attitudes towards work, life, and education, moving to a different country is one of the most disruptive and bold steps you can take. Add changing careers to the mix, and you might be embarking on one of the biggest adventures in your life.

I invited three individuals who took the leap and changed address and careers: they will join us from Portugal, Argentina, and the United States, for an in-depth conversation about following your dreams – wherever they take you.

SHAROLYN WYNTER is a social entrepreneur who promotes holistic wellbeing, personal development, and community empowerment. She is the founder and CEO of Xpat, Inc. and creator of The Xpat App, which is noted as the first and only app designed uniquely for the Black expat community. Her platform focuses on enhancing the living abroad experience for the Black expat community through knowledge sharing, community building, and capturing the richness and diversity of the Black experience abroad. She is also an advocate for youth empowerment and STEM education which she supports through her service on the Board of Directors for Raising Expectations youth development program.

ALESSANDRA MARINETTI is the Sr. Director of Customer Education and Certification at Box. Her work is all about learning, transformation, connection, and being a global citizen.Originally from Italy, she started her career as a university educator, helping students learn German and Italian. She went through her first professional transformation when she moved from academia to a brilliant eLearning start-up in San Francisco, California, where she helped customers make sense of technology-enabled learning and where she met some of the most passionate and driven learning professionals of her career.Alessandra now lives in the Bay Area where, after several years working at Linkedin, she now leads a team focused on Customer Education programs at Box. She is passionate about building transformational experiences for her team and to support customers’ success through learning and certification.

MARYELLA MARIE [she/her] is a renaissance womxn and social impact multimedia producer who has spent a decade working with diverse technologists, independent artists, and divergent innovators across the globe to deepen their audiences’ emotional intelligence. She curates meaningful conversations and installations centered around belonging, amplifies underserved and underheard voices, and develops provocative initiatives that bridge our shared stories and connect us to an enlightened state of awareness. Born in Los Angeles and raised between California & Georgia, Maryella Marie is an expat living in Patagonia, Argentina where she holds safe virtual space as a facilitator, moderator, and host, interviewing diverse women leaders on PowerToFly’s Chat & Learn program, facilitating sensual awakening workshops and discussion groups on the Joie de Vivre platform, and creative directing mindful collaborations at

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