HELP, MY VAGINA! (common concerns + solutions)

about this event

Vaginas are amazing and also sometimes really sensitive! What are all the different fluids and smells? How do we know if our Ph is balanced? Vagina health can be confusing, stressful and embarrassing. This class can help! Dr. Aisha Wagner family physician + Marcia Lopez of Women’s True Healing will teach us how to best care for vaginal microbiomes, identify the most common vaginal issues, and understand our options for solutions (from both the western medicine and alternative healing perspectives. Heck yea!). Basically it’s a vagina wellness class and we alllll need that, am I right? SEE YOU THERE.

*All classes are 75 min long. You can submit questions for the instructor during the first 15 min of class. Attendees must have access to the internet and ZOOM (we’ll show you how to get it!).

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