Heartbeat – Cocréa’s Annual Community Celebration

about this event

Join Cocréa for our Annual Summer’s End Celebration of Community.

September 11-13 • Heartland Community • Wheatland, CA

We’ll be gathering again for our third-annual celebration of our community and the end of summer!

  • Relish in the deep intention, care and joy that has been cultivated on this land.
  • Enjoy meals with friends, late night dances, lake vistas and connections fed by devotion.
  • Expand your partner dance studies with a full schedule of workshops led by Cocréa facilitators and guest teachers (schedule and teachers TBA).
  • Stay up late into the night on the dance floor with incredible live and DJ’d sets (musical lineup TBA) or retreat to your campsite early and enjoy morning yoga on the dance deck.


This event opens Friday at 3pm. Dinner and dancing into the night.

Full schedule of workshops and evening dances Saturday and Sunday.

The closing circle will happen on Sunday late afternoon, but you are welcome to stay over and depart by 10am Monday. No meals will be offered on Monday.

Meals are available for purchase onsite or you may bring your own food.

Showers are available onsite for an additional $10 for the weekend.

Choose from tent camping, car/RV camping, or one of a few beautiful tent cabins onsite.

The location is a private property about 45 minutes drive outside of Grass Valley. Directions will be provided upon registration.


This is a small micro festival, so there is an intimacy that will be created. We invite you to lean in. There is magic to be made when small groups of people with similar interests gather together.

This is a camping event, so we invite a closeness with the land. Bring what you need to be comfortable, and practice asking for what you need from the community that gathers for this special weekend. We want to learn how to take care of each other better.

This is an event where you can let your expression be FREE. It is a touch positive event, which means it is an affirmative consent culture event. We nurture acceptance, enthusiasm and inclusion. We celebrate difference and we desire to learn more about that which is unlike us so we can walk as a human family on this earth.

This is a partner dance event. We gather to learn, to grow, to advance our dance and our embodiment as a way of KNOWING one another; as a way of generating nourishing, empowering connections.

Beat the Truth of your Heart on the Earth with your Feet.

Why Story?

Stories connect cultures and peoples to a shared sense of identity. They help us to understand and to see where we’ve come from; to better know ourselves, who we are and what we value.

Every body tells a story and it speaks directly to our heart, whether we acknowledge it or not. Through placing an emphasis on story, we are inviting an intentional awareness to this event to pay attention to what stories we are choosing to share, and which ones we are choosing to honor and carry forward.

We invite stories of the summer, of the year and of your life journey that carry meaning for you, that we might all learn, heal and be inspired together.

What Stories are You Excited to Tell? With your Voice? With your Body? Which ones are you ready to let go of in order to keep your Heartbeat pulsing Strong?

Come Tell Us.