Heart Opening & Hot Springs Healing Retreat

about this event

Join Katrina and Tankut for a minimalistic digital detox weekend immersed in nature to restore vitality and rediscover joy in the present moment.

This intimate retreat will guide you to connect with your heart and expand your conscious awareness by integrating the transformative practice of yoga with sacred plant medicine.

We’ll spend our retreat days doing yoga, breath work, meditation, sacred rituals, and awakening hot and cold plunges at the hot springs. Expect to immerse yourself in nature, breathe in fresh air, and spend some quality time self-care time away from your media and devices to clear your mind.

This retreat is all about rediscovering our connection to ourselves, to nature, and to other humans.

We hold space for you to simply arrive as you are. We embrace you for who you are. Over the course of 3 days, we’ll create a close knit community that inspires self-healing and personal growth. We are here to support and guide you on your self-expansion journey.

It’s time to let go of the things that hold you back from living a heart centered life filled with meaning and purpose. It’s time to surrender deeply into the now and embrace love and connection while releasing toxic and self-limiting patterns of judgement, rumination, worry, doubt, and fear.

It’s time to reset your mindset and cultivate a new perspective by experiencing a weekend immersion that will guide you to experience presence, love, simplicity, and inner peace.


– Develop self-awareness and rediscover the truth of who you are

– Cultivate daily habits and rituals that support your well-being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

– Look within, contemplate, and find clarity so that you can focus on what matters most

– Bring awareness into any self-limiting and self-destructive patterns so that they can be released

– Practice presence in the moment and find joy through simplicity

– Reconnect with your purpose

– Feel supported by an intimate community of individuals with similar goals and intentions


– Daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama

– Plant medicine ceremony & sacred nature journey

– Awakening hot & cold plunges led by Katrina

– Philosophy, mindset, intention setting, and experience integration sessions

– Gifted Turkish towel for use at the hot springs

– 30 minute custom massage with reiki & sound healing by Tankut


Our sacred ceremony will integrate the use of plant medicine from Mother Earth to facilitate deep healing and encourage expansion on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Our medicine offers a heart opening and mind expanding blend of healing plants and extracts. The contents of this blend can be tailored, depending on the desired effect. Participation, experience intention, recommended dose, and additional details are discussed with each student prior to the ceremony.

This sacred ritual will guide you to connect with your heart, inspire new levels of consciousness, and support you in experiencing a deeper connection to yourself, all beings, and the entire universe.


The Hot Springs are located in Lake County, CA and offer spring-fed hot, warm, and cold pools. In the tradition of Japanese onsens, Native American, and European hot springs, the soaking pools and pool areas are clothing-optional. This includes the pools, sauna, and surrounding sundecks.

The clothing-optional Mainside Pool Area now features a total of eight different pools. All these pools are fed by the different-temperature springs on the property. Spring waters are blended, heated, or cooled to produce and maintain the consistent temperatures that guests have come to know and love – ranging from profoundly hot to chillingly cold, and perfectly in-between.

Please be advised that the hot springs & surrounding areas are electronic-free zones. 


Meals are not included in the retreat cost. Delicious and nutritious food is available for purchase at Harbin (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, & more) at The Dancing Bear Cafe from 8am – 8pm daily. You are welcome to bring your own food & snacks if you prefer to do so.


– 1 bag with yoga practice attire, sweatshirt, comfortable pants, shorts, and tank top and/or short sleeve top. During the fall/winter months, expect colder temperatures and prepare accordingly by bringing layers (cozy jacket, beanie, socks, etc.)

– Flip flops & comfortable walking shoes

– Flashlight or headlamp

– Sun protection: hat, sunglasses, SPF

– Swimsuit (if desired, hot springs are clothing-optional)

– Water bottle (no plastic or glass)

– Travel mug

– Yoga mat

– Journal

–  Food and/or snacks if desired

– *Tent and any necessary camping materials (*BYO Tent Camping Package Only)