Heart Opening Ceremony

about this event

Based on our past painful experiences in love, many of us have closed our hearts. Yet, we are wired for connection ~ NOW is the time to expand your capacity to heal, trust, and open to REAL LOVE in your life!

To access the 4 components of Love Mastery, we will work across the 4 levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In this very special event, together some things we may explore include:

+ Releasing lingering toxicity from old relationships

+ Re-contextualizing our woundings as gifts

+ Communicating in new, generative ways

+ Strengthening of our yes/no, comfort/discomfort, all in a nurturing and structured setting

+ Practicing vulnerability/intimacy with new parameters

+ Celebrating the shifts we experience in this profound work

+ Integrating the emerging expanded version of ourselves

What will absolutely be present:

+ Extended time with gifted facilitators and their decades of experience

+ Creation of a safe, supportive, splendid container

+ Opening of a portal to deeply rewire old patterns

To curate the most transformative experience possible, and to begin your journey, the process begins with a phone consultation.