Heart Gathering with Breath and Sound

about this event

Virtual Class with Manuela Schoepfer and Dorothea Barth.
Worldwide via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.
Every Monday 10am PST, Wednesday 6pm PST and Friday 10am PST.

“It is Time, We have been feeling it for awhile – that sense of awakening. There is a gentle knowing simmering inside of us, and it is getting stronger by the day, especially during these times. We hold it close to our hearts – we shall nurture it and let it grow. We won’t let fear eclipse us. We live in the eye of the storm, immune to the chaos, with peace in our mind, and a grounded body. We can feel the love down to our very core – It is time, we cut through any obstacle and allow for true mastery.”

Breathwork facilitator – Manuela Schoepfer will guide us in the Breathwork experience, she holds a grounding space for us to go on a deep journey within ourselves. From the support of the breath the mind relaxes and we learn how to listen with a still heart and a present open soul.

Sound Healing Artist – Dorothea Barth will offer vibrational medicine. She shares the message of love and harmony through her crystal sound bowls and the power of her voice as she invites us to awaken to the power of our unique souls and integrate the Breathwork experience.

Preparation ideas before gathering. Have a note book, pen, and water bottle close by. Find a quiet undisturbed space where you can feel cozy and can lie down comfortably. Lit a candle and maybe have some of sacred objects nearby.

Looking forward to gather with open hearts and expanded minds.
Blessings Dorothea and Manuela.

Exchange $11
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