Heart Activating Breathwork with Lindsey Valdez

about this event

It’s time to Celebrate + Practice LOVE!

In this unique Love Day-inspired workshop with Yoga Wake Up teacher Lindsey Valdez, we are going to activate the Anahata or heart chakra, to awaken and enliven through a heart-activating and heart-healing breathwork practice called Vyana-Vayu. Vayu means “wind” and this 3-part breath practice is situated in the heart and lungs and flows throughout the entire mind body soul system.  Vyana-Vaya translates as “outward moving air” and its flow moves from the center of our body outward everywhere to the periphery. 

Join us & let’s practice together virtually, to celebrate the power of Prana, our breath, our lifeforce energy, embodying our LOVE for life, our LOVE for ourselves and our LOVE for each other!  We are all connected through the energy center of our hearts, our Anahata! 

*No experience necessary, beginners welcome! 

*Not recommended if you have a serious heart condition or severe asthma* 

In this 1-hour practice, Lindsey will first give background to the style and technique of this breathwork, and then she will guide us through (3) 7-minute rounds of this Vyana-Vayu yogic breath, followed by a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating savasana sound meditation. Participants will also be encouraged to ask questions and share their experience at the end!

This is the second of a series of monthly workshops created with Yoga Wake Up teachers to support your wellbeing and personal growth. Join us for $12. Yoga Wake Up subscribers join us for FREE! 

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