Healing with The Breath 3

about this event

The breath is the most important thing in our lives. We enter the world with an inhale and we leave this world an exhale. Our whole life is based on the breath.

When we learn how to cultivate the breath and use it in a way to heal ourselves, we can be mentally and emotionally balanced. When we are balanced mind, body and spirit life flows and creates harmony.

Creating Silence is an inner journey through meditation, creating a sense of stillness through the silence of our minds. When we are internally quite our bodies and life flow properly. We can heal ourselves on so many levels.

In this workshop you will experience:

  • : Movement through Kundalini Yoga and meditation
  • : Different practices of Pranayama ( breathing exercises)
  • : Deep healing on physical and emotional level
  • : Less stress & anxiety
  • : Deep relaxation