Connected: Create Authentic & Secure Relationships

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Create Authentic & Secure Relationships: A 5 week online 6-Module course with live weekly calls on creating Authentic & Secure Relationships

Learn how to transform how you date and relate by turning toxic dynamics into trusted bonds

Thursday April 14th, 21, 28, May 12th, May 19th @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm PT

COST:  $497.00 regular tuition; $355 scholarship rate (limited to WOC when available)

Do you yearn for better relationships?Do you wish you felt seen, heard, and safe instead of alone, resentful, and isolated?

Do you have a history of only attracting unavailable people?

Do you tend to go for the “bad boy?”

Do you feel stuck in the anxious / avoidant dynamic?

Do you often feel criticized, judged, unseen and misunderstood?

Do you struggle to know what to say and how to say it?

Does your fear of rejection keep you from taking healthy risks in love?

Do you put other people’s needs before your own only to resent them later?

Do you want to trust you matter in your relationships?

Are you scared to let all of you be known intimately?

Do you want to feel accepted, cherished, and fully loved for who you are?

Do you want to call in more people who are open, reliable, caring, connected, & respectful?CONNECTEDA 6-Module Self-Study Curriculum on authentic relating & building secure relationships.This course is meant for anyone ready to deepen in their relationships, whether you’re single, dating, or already in something committed.This course will support your ability to connect meaningfully to others you choose to be romantic with. You will learn to honor your desire, deepen your commitment, and build unwavering self-trust along your relationship path.If you’ve struggled to feel seen, supported, and deeply fulfilled in your relationships, and you aren’t sure what it takes to transform this… …this course is for you!

Dr. Rachel will teach you how to:

  • Heal: Your attachment trauma & stop repeating patterns from your past
  • Understand: Yourself and your beliefs better
  • Set: Healthier and higher standards in what you expect & accept
  • Embody: The qualities that will help you achieve clarity, perspective, & regain balance
  • Accomplish: Open-hearted healing, understanding, and learning from what you’re going through
  • Use: Attachment science, mindful communication, and emotionally-focused techniques for creating more connections that matter

This live container will help you explore your Self, transform your unhelpful relationship habits, heal your wounds, enhance your ability to be with what’s here while holding space for what’s next… the fundamentals that will help you be and feel healing through heartbreak.

  • Learn: How to approach relationships & romance as a path of healing
  • Understand: How to handle rejection & move forward better than before
  • Practice: How to authentically and vulnerably respond to your feelings & needs
  • Know: What your intentions, values & needs are
  • Learn: How to make dating a practice for connection – whether that turns into partnership or not 
  • Know: Why you’re going through this and what your healing work is
  • Explore: How to stay open to deeper discovery as you go
  • Clarify: How you feel most connected to yourself & others. 

You’ll cultivate:

  • Self-Awareness: What did you bring & contribute? 
  • Freedom From Fears: Where and why do you hide?
  • ​Higher Standards: What did you settle for & why?
  • Needs: What are your baseline needs & what happens when they’re unmet?
  • Authenticity & Vulnerability: Where are you not yourself?
  • Embodiment of What Your Most Want: How open is your heart to give & receive love?
  • Safety & Trust: Even if you’ve never had it before
  • Compassion: For yourself, the people you connect with, and the process
  • ​A New Blueprint: You’ll create clarity and techniques to approach your relationships authentically

This is for you if you if: 

🔥 You’re not sure if you should be dating while you’re healing & working on yourself

💥 You have a belief you’d be better off alone yet you still want love

🔥 You have dealt with people who are unavailable or inconsistent

💥 You worry you’ll be alone forever & there’s no better than what you’ve had

🔥 Your relationships have always been dramatic 

💥 You want to know how to cope with differing needs from your romantic partners

🔥 You’ve accepted poor treatment in your relationships and don’t trust how you feel

💥 You’re ready to heal your childhood wounds and build more self-trust

🔥 You need help with how to build safety in your relationships

“I am getting deep benefit from your course. Thank you.”

This is the healing that will support all areas of your life, dating & romance included Much of this is an attitudinal muscle & belief system A way of approaching how & who you date & relate

IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL:🌹 Become intimate with knowing your past patterns & be committed to transforming them!🌹 Learn how to let your dating & romantic life be a practice for cultivating safety & deepening connection🌹 Discover who are you as a person who dates & relates🌹 Learn how to show up in your most deeply embodied truth🌹 Create the skills and practices to be courageous in intimacy 🌹 Understand your relational dharma and how to stop perpetuating inauthentic patterns

Are You Ready For True Connection? Join Dr. Rachel and your community in this life-changing experience.

“I feel reborn based on the work I did in this course.”


Dr. Rachel Greenberg is a licensed trauma-informed Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Specialist, Theorist, Therapist, & Teacher. Her approach combines psychology, spirituality, somatic awareness, sensuality, attachment science, relational attunement, and myth. The work guides you into deeper parts of your truth so you can compassionately & confidently enhance and expand your quality of relationships. In addition to nearly 20 years of academic and clinical training in Psychology, she incorporates principles from Eastern and Spiritual approaches to healing. Dr. Rachel is most strongly influenced by Buddhist Psychology, Internal Family Systems, and Imago Theory, and Emotionally-Focused Therapy. With additional inspiration from Attachment Theory and Science, Intersectional Feminist Theory, Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, & Depth Psychology.She uses a trauma-informed approach to heal childhood wounds to create more authenticity and trust in your relationship to yourself & others. She uses concrete psychological, somatic, and emotionally-oriented insights for skillful living. She guides people to radically cultivate the art of deep relating. Dr. Rachel is influenced by nearly 20 years of study in Psychology and by her own series of profound spiritual awakenings and personal healings. With 15 years in the field and more than 10 years of experience growing a successful career, Dr. Rachel’s unique Psycho-Spiritual insights have helped thousands of awakening humans experience life-affirming & deep transformation in their relationships to self & others. For any Q’s about this work, email