HEALING THE MASCULINE: Online Workshop For Women

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I LOVE MEN & MEN ARE KINGS: Healing The Masculine Workshop For Women

DATE: Sunday, November 13th, 2022

TIME: 10am pst (Los Angeles, CA) for about 2.5 hours

WHERE: Zoom (Online)

Your divine feminine cannot rise to her fullest potential unless she embark on the deep journey of integrating her relationship to the masculine energetic principle both within men AND within herself as a woman.

You deeply desire allow deep & true love into your life with your partner or future partner. You’re yearning to melt off the protective layers around your heart so you can radiate as LOVE itself. You want to feel met, cherished, and ravished by men. You yearn to feel safe in intimacy with them and confident in your skin.

You’re longing to integrate your father wounds, take it to the next level in dating/partnership, and experience the true reality that men are a gift from the universe and beautiful creatures with huge hearts who protect, provide, care for you, create safety, love you, adore you, and more.

But past experiences, stories, heartbreaks, judgments, criticisms, childhood programming, father wounds, and formulated beliefs have been holding you back from exactly this.

Have you ever thought:

“Men just want ‘one thing’- sex”

“Men are all same!”

“I don’t need a man”

“Men are flaky and dishonest”

“I can’t trust men and they always break my trust & disappoint me”

“There are no good men out there”

“Where are all the conscious men?”

“Men can’t handle my deep emotions & vulnerability”

“That men are selfish in bed”

“Men take advantage of me”

“Men control me”

“Men don’t like powerful woman”

“Men always hurt me & abandon me”

“Men don’t desire me & lose interest”

“My standards are too high”

“Men are avoidant”

“I have to perform for them”

“I feel insecure and needy”

“I can’t express my desires or how I feel to them”

“I have to do everything myself”

I’ve held these stories & beliefs… trust me I KNOW the struggle. Through inner work, I’ve changed so much of my reality from the inside out. You of all people know the work starts from WITHIN. 

There is a reality where you can express you boundaries & desires, be met in your vulnerable heart and create intimacy that truly fulfills you.

One of the biggest keys: 

to attracting love into your life… 

to creating secure & healthy relationships with your brothers, father, friends, lovers, and partner… 

to stepping FULLY into your powerful, divine feminine heart…

Is to claim it:



O1. Love & Understand Men Lecture

· Learn 10 key foundations to understanding men so you can improve your relationship to yourself & them.

· Learn how to communicate your standards, needs & boundaries so your heart can be met

· Learn the top 3 shadows women can carry towards men and how to alchemize it

· Learn how to step into your Queendom around men

· Learn your 3 superpowers in relation to men and the affect they have to change the world

· and more…

O2. Heal The Masculine Embodiment Practice

· Clear the past & future lineage of men and forgive your father, brothers, boyfriends & lovers, and other men in your life so you can experience healthy, trusting relationships with men in the present moment.

· Release outdated beliefs, programming, & projection from your body so you can rise into your feminine. Release layers of protection, pain, rejection, & heartache over your heart so you can connect to men through love. 

· Meet the embodiment of your inner divine masculine king so you can see men clearly & attract divine masculine energy into your life.

O3. Q&A + Closing

· Connect with each other and receive support. We’ll ask questions & close out with a sharing circle.

O4. *BONUS* 

· Receive access to Lover In Lingerie 3-day masterclass series to help you embody your lover archetype in feminine sensuality. 


· you’re struggling in the dating world, with your father, or in your partnership with a man

· you’re ready to take it to the next level in intimacy with the men in your life and with yourself

· you’re tired of not using your voice, awkward situations with men, picking fights, being in your head, and having your heart closed to love

· you want to step into your fullest potential as a woman

· you’re ready for extraordinary love with yourself and others


· women on the self-development & self-love path

· career-driven, successful woman, female entrepreneur, or miss independent

· spiritual, soul-led woman, yogi, or meditation lover

· heart-centered mama

· women genuinely curious to learn 


This is a live online event for women only. It will be recorded and you’ll keep access to everything afterwards.


· early bird: only $99 (ends 11/08 at 11:59pm)

· regular: $149 


DM @miranda.amora on Instagram or send an email to hello@wethegoddess.com


Are you in? Step into the maximum potential of your divine feminine heart. Heal your relationship to the masculine so you can have healthy & empowered relationships with men. Begin to attract the love & intimacy in your life that you know is possible. Let this be the catalyst. Choose love my queen, it starts here & now.