Healing Generational Trauma Journey

about this event

Many times our flight/fight/freeze trauma responses aren’t our own, yet they debilitate us

It is scientifically proven that when your grandmother was five months pregnant with your mother/father, your mother’s eggs & your father’s sperm was already developed in the womb

This means that you were already in “existence” for generations prior to your birth

It matters because due to a breakthrough in the field of epigenetics (DNA studies), it has been shown that stress, anxiety and PTSD like symptoms can be passed down from generation to generation

Therefore, many times, we have heightened fear/stress/anxiety/trauma-like symptoms but we don’t know why Enter generational trauma

This 6-week healing generational trauma coaching program is designed to get to the root of the issue and will help you process the emotions/weight of your family lineage so that you can connect to the wisdom and magic of your ancestry

Through a combination of ancient eastern wisdom, science and western techniques you will learn a new approach and be given tools to help alleviate the physical/emotional symptoms that you are currently experiencing

In the 6-weeks you will receive:

  1. 6 Live Group 90- min Coaching Calls
  2. 6 Video Modules
  3. 6 Breathwork Journeys (focused on healing generational trauma/connection to ancestry)
  4. Unlimited Slack Access

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