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About The Masterclass

Being on awakened path can be lonely. But when you join the The Numinous Path family, you’ll be welcomed into a heartfelt community of other like-minded human who you can connect with. You’ll be inspired, uplifted, held accountable… and you’ll never settle for less than this again.

This Masterclass will introduce you how to maximize your experiences and feel shifts sooner. I’ll be breaking down the entire process of building the skillset to awaken your truth and shed what’s not working. 

No more guessing and wondering if what you want will come – simply follow my step-by-step blueprint, stay committed, be willing to change, ask questions, and watch the transformation unfold.

​​​​​​​You’ll understand the steps necessary to transform, the best practices for healing, and how trauma history distorts experience. You’ll learn how to begin truly empowering yourself to create more peace within.

  • Heal Past Pains:​​​​​​​ Learn how to transform internalized trauma beliefs. Understand what unconscious blocks are and how to work with past parts so you can heal subconscious imprints they carry. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
  • Embody Authenticity: Understand the process of building the skillset to awaken your truth and shed what’s not working. Plus, Do’s and Don’t’s for how to live confidently and freely
  • Change What You Attract, energetic upgrade means you’ll have done enough deep healing to be able to vibrate at an energetic level higher than ever before.​​​