Harvest Full Moon Mini Goddess Festival

about this event

Call out your inner Goddess this Harvest Full Moon in sisterhood with other divine goddesses at this mini festival!

Enjoy a day of Enlightening Cacao, Divine Sisterhood Circles, Aura Gazing, Goddess Yoga, Vegan Dinner, Abundance Fire Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Shamanic Journeying & an Immersive Sound Bath in the Long Beach Yemaya garden sanctuary on September 10th from 3-9 PM PST.

This festival celebrates the Goddess you are under the auspicious Pisces Full Moon and the 9/9 portal, which signals an ending of all chapters to open up into your new abundance. There will be vendors and astro readings available, as well as a vegan meal included in the price of your ticket.

It’s no lie this time has held challenges for all of us. This is your moment to claim what you are embracing and shed what’s been keeping you from stepping into the next, more deeply aligned chapter in your life!

This event is hosted by Intuitive Energy, Reiki, and Sound Healers Skylar Temple Singer (@skylartemplesinger) and iLaria Bordignon (@ilariabbordignon), alongside Shamanic Journey Guide Linh Le (@drlinhlove) and Ecstatic Dance Guide Amber Fortier (@amberjoifortier), with nutritional support from Vegan Chef Sjoerd De Nooijer (@chefsjoerd).

3 PM ✨✨✨

💑 Arrive & Enjoy Vendors Enjoy refreshments, soothing teas , and mingle as we manifest our Goddess Abundance.

Vendors include:

4 PM ✨✨✨

🧉Cacao Ceremonyby iLaria & Skylar

Enjoy a special blend of mother earth chakra opening Tamarind infused Cacao which warms and opens the heart, Sacral & 3rd eye Chakras. 

This is a special blend of Indian spices carefully brewed over 2 hours with divine Gaia energy intentions.

4:30 PM ✨✨✨

💑 Aura Gazing & Divine Sisterhood Connection💖by iLaria & Skylar

Our chakras warmed and open, we will each look across the circle at one of our sisters, gazing at the third eye as we breathe together and feel each other’s heartbeats. Then a beautiful thing happens, we begin to see each other’s auras! we connect with beautiful pure intention . allowing us to embrace each other in loving sisterhood comfort.

5 PM ✨✨✨

💃Whispering Wisdom Goddess Circles 💖by Everyone

An incredible, fun and intuitive divine sisterhood experience!

Come together into 2 rotating Goddess circles to receive and give and whisper words of encouragement and enlightenment.This is an incredible experience to give and receive so many blessings, so much abundance and so much confidence in how we look, act and feel.

5:30 PM ✨✨✨

🔥 Goddess Yoga 🌬️ – By Skylar

Align with the intuitive flow of your Temple Body in this Goddess yoga as we activate our chakras together. Flow like the Goddess you are, connected to your sacral Yoni sensuality and divine intuition.

6:30 PM ✨✨✨

🥣Vegan DinnerBy Sjoerd Enjoy a simple yet sacral chakra Yoni energizing rice dish as we light the fire together. Served & created by the lovely and talented Sjoerd.

6:30 PM ✨✨✨

🔥 Goddess Abundance Ecstatic Dance & Fire Ceremony🤗 By Amber and Everyone!

As you enjoy your dinner, see the flames rise from ancient English walnut firewood as you write out two short letters, one to release what no longer serves & one to receive the abundance you so deserve to activate the new chapter you’re joyously transitioning into!Let go and free yourself to move and dance like the Goddess you are and throw our letters into the fire to release and celebrate this Harvest Full Moon.

7:30 PM ✨✨✨

🎶 SoundBath with Reiki Energy & Shamanic Journey to the Moon🌔🙌 by iLaria, Skylar, & Linh

Shamanic astrologer, Linh will begin the sound healing by leading the group on a guided journey to the Full Moon, supported by shamanic drumming & the cultivation of sacred space to invite our intentions in to release old patterns, receive wisdom codes, and experience healing abundance from the Spirit of the Full Moon.

Then feel Divine Goddess energy through all your chakras opening them to accept your true energetic flow supported by 432 Hz chakra crystal bowls and gongs, & more sacred instruments.While immersed, receive a Reiki energy healing to release blockages to experience the bliss of Heart and Sacral clearing with the Crystal pyramid, Angel bells, rain sticks and the awesome cleansing wave drum.

8:30 PM ✨✨✨

💞 Closing Satsung🤗 by iLaria Bordignon & Skylar Temple & Everyone

Feel free to enjoy a group invitation to share & reveal your Festival experience in the circle of sisters. Close together feeling open to the blessings of this Full Moon!

How to prepare: Dress in your best Goddess outfit you feel you most gorgeously empowered in & bring a yoga mat, pillow & blanket.

And…Look for the beige house with a Clock Tower and walk down the driveway to the Yemaya Garden Sanctuary

The sacred investment for this event is $66, which includes the price of your meal. Get $6 for each friend you invite who purchases a ticket, with potential to get up to $30 off for inviting 5 sisters! 

& Receive a discount to our Sensually Empowered Goddess Weekend Mansion Retreat in November! (Ask for details)

Venmo: @iLaria_Bordignon (last four.. 0893) or Zelle: healing@balancethelight.com