Haru: Spring Community Reiki & Sound Ceremony

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HARU: Spring Community Reiki & Sound Ceremony

Join us in welcoming Spring in sacred communion & seasonal celebration with the elements ☽✧

Saturday April 8, 2023

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM  

Light & Space Yoga 

Ojai, CA

A New Day, A New Dawn…

Join us in welcoming Spring, as we honor the seasonal shifts within and without. 

Together we will commune as we ground and nourish ourselves in a sacred ceremony of sound, spirit, and serenity. 

Guided by the Elements of Creation as we sojourn into Springtime, and thus Seasonally Shift & Shed —

Welcoming all those called to gather in a spirit-filled community! 

Presented by True Nature Collective 

Guided with Love & Reiki by Amber Lee, Rae Niwa, Salena Gonzales and Clea Isabela 

An invocation to the awakening and rebirth that Spring provides, we welcome you to commune with us for an afternoon of healing in the essence of nature’s restoring wisdom. 

In sound and spirit, we will be cradled by seasonal tidings, held in a space of loving communion. 

To deeply listen and attune to the cadence of Nature, we intend and invite you to listen to your inner knowing —

Welcoming you to journey with us as we greet the rebirth of ourselves, inviting harmony, health, and happiness. 

✧ Nourishing Welcome Circle 

✧ Herbal Spring Inspired Tea 

✧ Sacred Intention-Setting 

✧ Ethereal Sound Bath with Crystal Alchemy Bowls & More 

✧ 1:1 Tenohira ~ Hands-on Reiki healing during the Sound Bath for each participant 

✧ Community Council & Connection 

With great reverence we come together upon the sacred Chumash lands of Ojai,

Held in the serene Light & Space Yoga Studio

In Service // In Spirit