Harmony 1111 Manifestation Ceremony

about this event

Harmony is a high vibes interactive concert and singalong. Through the vehicles of song, sound and play we will be reaching elevated states.

In this special 11/11 portal ceremony well be raising our energy elevated and blissful emotional states to call in whatever it is you want to manifest.

What to expect?

This is a vibrational and manifestational workshop with song and music as its vehicle.

When we bring play into our intentions and desires we take out all the pressure and allow them to gracefully flow into our lives with joy.

A dynamic experience where we clear past emotions, synch up energetically and powerfully raise our energy into elevated and blissful states. Once there we will channel that energy into intention into our lives.

Bring your self, your hopes, your dreams, and something soft to sit on.

Warm clothes as we’ll be outside on the patio into the evening.


Bonus Sacred ceremony from 10-11pm for only 5 people, in which we will be channeling, healing, and manifesting on the highest level.