Gut Health Workshop : Self Care for Digestive Issues

about this event


Do you ?

– have digestive issues or have been diagnosed with a functional gut disorder?

– have a history of chronic dieting and want to break free from diet culture fads?

– want to reduce total digestive symptoms and heal the core foundation ** of health?

– want to incorporate more plants and healthful whole foods for energy, longevity, and environmental sustainability ?

If the answer is a ” Yes ” for any of the above, then this workshop is for you.

More has changed in the human diet and lifestyle in the last 70 odd years compared to the last 10,000 years or more.

Though modern medicine is a blessing, many people have not been able to find relief through it and seek help via alternative natural methods for the same.

A survey via Fox News showed that about 74 % of Americans ( about 246 Million people ) are living with Digestive disorders and many of them have not even discussed it with their Doctors.

This three-day workshop is designed for helping people having Digestive disorders from feeling helpless due to various digestive ailments such as constant bloating, IBS, Acidity, Flatulence, and Constipation to feeling CALM, CONFIDENT, and IN CONTROL of their symptoms.

Symptoms are an indication of a deeper imbalance within the system. This workshop aims to help and guide people heal the root cause of their ailments and not just their symptoms by using a whole plant-based diet and lifestyle using the wisdom of Ayurveda* .

This workshop will be held over three days on 7th, 8th and 9th November 2022 from 5.30 pm PST onwards. ( PST ie California time ) 

Bio : Kartikeya Talreja is a certified Ayurvedic* nutritionist Digestive health and lifestyle coach. His mission is to make people live a healthy lifestyle and eat wholesome nourishing food, in sync with their natural constitution, by natures rhythms and seasons to enhance well-being and promote healing.

His clients suffering from digestive issues such as IBS , Ulcerative Colitis, Ulcers, Acid Reflux, Gas and Bloating, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea etc. have benefited greatly by diligently adhering to his individualized food, diet and lifestyle plans.

He helps his clients heal the imbalances in their bodies and minds by successfully leveraging his understanding and knowledge of Nature’s principle and Ayurveda wisdom i.e.” Like increase like and opposites balance”. His approach is to first and foremost understand an individual’s unique constitution, their diet, lifestyle, and climatic conditions in their geographical region. This helps him develop an understanding of the imbalances that have been the cause of their ailments.

He then educates his clients to be in sync with their natural constitution, by nature’s rhythms and seasons to enhance well-being by recommending individualized food and lifestyle changes to get their health back on track. He may suggest natural herbal supplements to individual clients only and only if necessary.

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*Ayurveda is one of the oldest health systems in the world which originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Also known as the sister of Yoga, Ayurveda believes that most diseases originate with imbalances in the digestive system.

** The longer a person may be facing ailments, especially of a chronic nature, the longer they may take to heal.


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