Guided Journey Meditations ~ “Solstice Solar NEW Moon Eclipse”

about this event

The time spent together will begin with prayer venturing into the ‘Meditation Journey’ which is a gift & Juliets’ joy .. each one unlike the other are imbued with healing.

Like going to the movies, Juliet escorts her clients through the internal world of light & higher frequency. Each present, experience the phenomenon of being with Goddesses & Masters of Love, whilst journeying through realms & dimensions not yet explored.

Juliet’s Guided Journey’s imbue a palpable, clear tone that is anchoring, assisting one to become more present with the feeling body … an internal ‘Yoga Workout’ of sorts.

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Following along within the journey, observing & tuning into the resonance, together with focus on the breath, impurities melt away. Blockages clear, eliminating stresses.

I Plan to run these Bi Monthly with each incoming New & Full Moon

The Meditations will …

Promote a sense of well being

Dissolve stress & stagnated, bound repetitive energetic patterns

Expand & Deepen the Heart.

Sharpen Focus and rekindle Power within

Balance the mental, spiritual, & emotional bodies

Promote access to your guides so that you can distinctly discern their presence with clarity.