Group Chakra Healing

about this event

In the trantric traditions, Chakras are focul points for meditation within the human body that are visualized as structures of energy resembling discs or flowers made of light at those points where a number of channels within the body converge. 

These chakras are conceptual structure but are phenomenally based especially since they seem to be located where human beings experience emotional and human energy and the forms in which they are visualized does reflect visionary experiences had by some meditators. 

Join me for this 75-min special Chakra healing where I will be combing Vedic & New Age theory to clear your energetic body and bring peace to your phsyical body. 

You will leave feeling refreshed & renewed! 

Agenda:10 min Intro & meet/greet50 min Breathwork Journey10 min Reflection + Close

Meeting: We will be meeting over zoom. I will be sending an email reminder, with details & link once I receive your RSVP.

Can’t wait to see you there!