GOLDEN RAY: A Breath + Sound Journey with Lion Rituals

about this event

Join us for a cathartic and transformative breathwork practice to take you on a deep journey within. In a surprisingly short time, many experience an incredible amount of healing and non-ordinary states of consciousness in this workshop. Golden Ray is designed to rapidly move you into connection with your purpose, your intuition, and to personal empowerment.

This session is accompanied by all original music, produced and curated specifically for this practice. May this inspire a deeper connection within yourself!

*If you are unable to attend the scheduled times, we will send you the recording upon request which will be live for 24 hours*

Among the many benefits of this style of breathwork, this practice can help to:

  • unlock clarity, creativity, focus, insight and intuition
  • release stress, anxiety, pain, emotional blockage, grief, past trauma
  • create feelings of wellness, ecstasy, bliss
  • restore a connection to purpose
  • strengthen the lungs and diaphragm
  • stimulate the lymphatic system
  • detoxify the body
  • improve immune function

ALL ARE WELCOME. Suggested donation is $22, but we want to make sure that all are welcome and able to access this powerful experience, no matter what you are able to contribute! 11% of all proceeds will be donated to a rotating nonprofit each week to help those in need.

Some important things to note for before this class:

  • You will need a phone or computer, and make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded (the Zoom link will be sent to you in your confirmation email).
  • You will need headphones for the music (the most high quality that you have), if you have high quality speakers, that works too.
  • Create a yummy and cozy space for yourself in the comfort of your own home! This journey will be mostly lying down. You can lie on your bed, couch, yoga mat or floor.
  • We invite you to bring a blanket to cover your body and a pillow to place underneath your knees.
  • Blindfolds can be helpful to go deeper into the practice (you can also use a scarf or hankerchief).
  • Come with an open heart and an open mind.

It is an honor to share this practice. We are excited to dive deep and breathe with you!

In love and gratitude,

Casea + Emily



By purchasing a ticket and attending this class, I represent that I am in good health, and I will inform the course organizer of any limiting health conditions before the course begins. I further acknowledge that, if I am diagnosed with epilepsy; glaucoma; high blood pressure; any heart condition; brain/neurological condition; stroke; schizophrenia; schizoaffective, bipolar, or seizure disorders; pregnancy; and/or am a new mother or recent surgical patient, certain portions of this course may be unsuitable for me and I will consult with my medical provider before registering. Asthma is not a contraindication to this practice, however we ask that you have your inhaler as a safety precaution.