Ganja Yoga Virtual Ritual

about this event

This virtual ritual will be a blend of intention setting, breathing, meditation, movement and medicine songs.

Feel free to arrive at 6:45pm to work out the technical stuff and to get to know your fellow virtual community members.

*** This is a 21+ event (25+ is recommended).

***All levels are welcomed.

***Smoking is optional. Due to Covid-19, I invite you to explore working with a tincture or light dose of an edible, or at least reducing the amount of smoking if you have a tendency to smoke often. We normally smoke, however, this virus is going after our lungs so want to make sure we are talking the best care of our respiratory system. Whatever you decide, check in with your inner guidance.


To register, click here:–srTwoxGblGnz72gCBHXarBjx3KQ


+ Comfortable, distraction-free area

+ Cushion to sit on and yoga mat or comfy ground

+ Blanket for deep relaxation

+ Water bottle with lid

+ BYO Cannabis to smoke in form of joint or pipe, your choice.
(If you’re looking for a recommendation, I prefer a hybrid sun-grown flower. )

+ For the dance part, feel free to have another speaker source and I will send the song through the comments.

+ Chocolate for the closing circle (I recommend organic, dark, fair trade)

+ Journal and pen

+ If you desire, feel free to light a candle, create your own personal altar if you don’t have one already. You can have some sage/copal/incense to burn to create a sacred space.


This is a donation-based offering. Normally the suggestion is $33, however, pay whatever it is feels aligned during these times. I am also offering a 2 for 1, so bring a friend!

Venmo @PurpleLotusMassageAndWellenss


For any questions, email Marisa at or visit