Gait and Postural Analysis Workshop

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Sat Date: 9/28/2019 From: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm This workshop will focus on posture, gait, and muscular imbalance; how important it is and how it can positively and negatively affect the body. During this workshop, we will provide visual gait and postural analysis as well as perform muscle testing based on the imbalances found during analysis. Using Pilates and Pilates-based methods of exercise will instruct participants to re-establish core muscles (transversus abdominus, pelvic floor and multifidus) for a healthy life.

Facilitated by Natalie Blanco and Alyssa Di Marco

Price: $45



Ample parking in our garage! Entrances available on Santa Monica Blvd and Wellesley Ave.

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Please call (310) 453-1221 or email for more information.