FUTURE SOUNDS | Georg’ Estelle

about this event

Future Sounds is an immersive concept powered by Consciously Connected Travel and Co-curated with Sons of Craft in Partnership with Mortimer House. Set in a seven-storey Art Deco building in the heart of Fitzrovia. The brainchild of hotelier Guy Ivesha.

An intimate evening that brings together the conscious taste and change makers. Established, effortless innovators within their respective spaces, but with an unparalleled palette for the understated, intentional and immersive experiences that life has to offer .Curated in an intentional and an aesthetically pleasing space. While showcasing incredible emerging and established “soul-full” artists on an acoustic stage, teamed with some of the coolest soundscapes by Sons of Craft DJ’s and a cool media partner in Nataal Magazine. 

Future Sounds brings the true art of music to life, while having people and planet at its core. With each event creating an opportunity for Consciously Connected Travel to pour back into its varied and rich global projects, causes and communities.

This month we are joined by English and Italian, London-based singer and dancer Georg’ Estelle. Georg’ has a soulful yet fresh voice. From music, dance to drama, performing has always been her number one passion and talent. Her music is developing more and more into a fusion of different influences, coming from Electro-soul, 2000s RnB and jazz, to great female artists such as Erykah Badu, Sade, Jill Scott and Amy Winehouse. “My mum never played children’s music in the house, I grew up listening to Jamiroquai, Joss Stone, Jamie Cullum and many others”. With the passion in her voice and the honesty in her lyrics, she aspires to move something in the listener, sharing powerful messages of confidence and self-love. “I want to inspire people to be honest, caring and open-minded and most importantly… to make them dance”