Full Moon Sound Bath with Aurea Lara

about this event

The Full Moon is a magical time of fulfillment and illumination and this Full Moon in Taurus is amplified by the Total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are a time of great change & held deep symbolism for our ancestors. Taurus is a deeply sensual energy that concerns itself with the tangible, the physical & material reality of our lives. While the moon is illuminating this earthy aspect, the Sun is in Scorpio, shining itself powerful solar energy on the invisible realms, the spiritual, deep underworld of our psyche. This Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, the great awakener – which makes this a powerful time to re-learn & re-define our relationship with our material world & our intuition & spiritual selves, to create harmony, alignment & the integration of all aspects of ourselves in order to feel empowered and confidently move into living from our Higher Self, our Soul that is in complete union with the Divine Mother-Father!

Tonight, let’s co-create a magical container to illuminate those aspects of ourselves that are seeking our love and their integration with ourselves. By uniting those seemingly opposing aspects we step into our power, our joy & our bliss. Through the magic of sound frequency using Crystal Alchemy Bowls, powerful light language and Aramaic healing mantras we choose to align with our Soul’s beautiful and unique expression. This sacred alchemical container will be further amplified by the channeling of Rose Reiki healing frequencies. I look forward to holding space for this powerful co-creation!