Full Moon Sound Bath & Guided Visual Journey

about this event

This sound journey will focus on aligning with the cycles of the moon and the natural cycle of endings and beginnings that we experience collectively and individually as the moon expands and contracts. At this Scorpio Full Moon we will release deeply held patterns that manifest as obstacles along our journey of transform.

Through a sound immersion and guided visual journey we will recalibrate our minds, hearts, and bodies to our natural rhythm and flow. By realigning our inner vibrations we open ourselves to the experience of balance, wholeness, and inner harmony.

Join us as we breathe together with a gentle pranayama to bring us into our bodies and the present moment, move through tone and mantra to open our hearts and nourish our emotional bodies, and experience a guided meditation to expand and clear our minds.

From this place of recalibration we’ll relax into the high vibes of a sound bath to experience deep relaxation and restoration.

When our minds, hearts and bodies come into alignment we create an internal environment that inspires healing, self love, and expansion. When we set our intentions with clarity and conviction we begin to see shifts in our external environment.

Join us for this experience!