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with Shea Hardiman and Ramona Soriano

Available October 30th, 12:00AM PT – November 2nd, 11:00PM, 1 1/2 hour prerecorded virtual event. With the full moon falling on Halloween, you have the power to take part in this powerful event on your own time!

We’ve been offering a monthly astrology + meditation full moon session for over 2 years. The quarantine has allowed us to bring this dynamic experience online and open up our audience worldwide, creating an authentic experience that blends the very fabric of our time and space into the subtleness that astrology, meditation, and sound healing has to offer. We listen deeply, we learn. We grow with you.

The insights and experiences are curated to bring about clarity and vision to your life in terms of spiritual connection. These tools, we find healing, giving us empowerment over the changing times. Shea’s astrological wisdom and softness deeply relates. Ramona’s vision to fine-tune meditations and sound healing recharge the system, as the sensations you experience within sound activation, some call a natural high because of the calming effects you have within your body and mind. Others literally see colors and sacred geometry. And many experience a level of relaxation that has never been felt before. Tying in these elements, you’ll experience a curated astrological experience just for this full moon.


This Taurus Full Moon greets us on Halloween. Will you get tricked or get a treat? Taurus is all about knowing what will happen and loves stability. The counterpoint Scorpio is all about the subconscious mind and things that are considered taboo, like the ideas of life and death itself. This month we may see some things start to fall away. The masks are starting to come off and truths are being revealed. This Taurus full moon is asking you to stay grounded. A lot may be changing around you but you have the power to anchor back into the earth. This axis between Taurus and Scorpio is called the survival axes. But sometimes the idea of survival which is oftentimes linked to our finances can be a place that holds us back. Now is the time to ask yourself if you are living in integrity. Are you working that job just to make money or is it fulfilling on a soul level? Why do you live where you live? Why do you have the friends you do? Why is your romantic partner your partner? If the answer reveals itself to be because you are gaining something from that situation or relationship that is not truly in alignment then now is the time to let it go.


***You will be emailed a portal link, which will include a prerecorded astrological breakdown + sound meditation available Friday, October 30th at 12:00AM (about 1 1/2 hours long). We recommend watching the recording anytime from Friday – Monday in your own time to be in the power of the full moon. Included in this full moon portal access is the following:

-Video release of your astrology in conjunction to your sun sign.

-Video release of meditation specific to the Full Moon in Taurus.

-Intentional journal prompts

Wear comfortable clothes for the recording, and make sure to create a comfortable space that’s prepared for the work we’ll be doing together. Have your yoga mat out, and a beverage nearby. Keep a journal and pen nearby. Maybe light some candles and have next to you crystals or sacred items.


MEET SHEA HARDIMAN – Shea believes human connection is the reason we are all here. She always knew her “job” would be one that focused on being of service to others.

Shea is a trained doula, a videographer since 2012 having worked for brands like Adidas, Google and Timberland and a yoga practitioner for 10 years, teacher for 7. She’s worked across the country and also in South Africa. Shea is Yoga Alliance + KRI certified and lovess to spend time by the ocean and travel as much as possible.

You can book a natal chart reading to help you not only understand yourself better but also gain more empathy for others.

MEET RAMONA SORIANO – Ramona utilizes Kundalini, Meditation and Sound Healing to raise the frequency of emotional consciousness for the beginning and advanced meditator alike. Classically trained in piano, her understanding of music theory gives way to a unique sound experience that’s a balance of the linear and non-linear. Originally from LA, before becoming a yogi, Ramona resided in Dubai for 2 years and owned an agency in NYC for several years having worked with Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Marriott Int’l, Publicis, Disney, etc. and lived a completely different life. Her ability to truly understand the many challenges associated with the western ways instills an honest understanding for the modern-day yogi and soul seeker.