Full Moon Ceremony

about this event

During this curated full moon ceremony, we’ll be working on harnessing our internal wisdom in conjunction with the magnified energy of the moon. Moon ceremonies serve as a chance for us to engage with our souls in a sacred space, bring light into our lives, and release that which no longer serves us.

Each ceremony revolves around a theme for the month and includes an Oracle drawing, meditation or experiential activity, group dialogue, and a ceremony to plant intention. The gathering is open to all who are called to attend.

Emma Goldman, Founder of Collective Lotus Healings, is a Shamanic Practitioner, Meditation Coach, Spiritual guide and Psychotherapist. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a graduate of the Four Winds Society – Luminous Healing & Shamanic Energy Medicine School. She is currently working to obtain a Doctorate in Psychology, focusing on Transformative Leadership and Human Consciousness.

More about Emma

Emma aims to change the world for the better by facilitating experiences of personal growth, awareness and fostering communities focused on consciousness and connection. She hosts various energetic ceremonies, workshops, and retreats around the country bringing communities together through experiential journeying and ancient remedial rituals. Emma believes in the importance of bridging the spiritual realm with our internal compass, reclaiming our true essence and power within. Emma empowers individuals to connect with their true purpose and inherent potential to bring individual wisdom, insight, and compassion. At her core, Emma’s intention is to be of service to humanity, however, it may transpire.