Full Moon Breathwork with Sam Kalawart

about this event

In this virtual workshop, Breathwork teacher and energy practitioner Sam Kalawart will guide us through a Full Moon-inspired breathwork session.

Breathwork is both a physical and energetic practice. It’s real life magic, and it moves things. Like, big things. Things that are stuck. Things that feel “blocked.” It’s a simple exercise — inhale, exhale — that yields big results.

We love it because you can practice Breathwork anywhere. All you need is an audio guide (we’ll do you one better and have a video, too!) and you’re good to go.

Join us for an evening of breathwork on a Full Moon — an auspicious time to release what’s not working for us and let go of the junk that’s holding us back, while making space for the goodness we want to bring into our lives.

About the Practitioner:
Sam is here to guide you towards complete Body Peace by showing you how to naturally overcome anxiety, depression, chronic stress and heal your body from the inside out. Through her own health journey of healing Chronic Lyme Disease, she has realized the power of an integrated approach to healing with both diet and lifestyle changes. Along with the importance of strengthening our mind+body connection & releasing stress with Breathwork Healing & Energy Therapy.

This is a virtual workshop — attendees will be able to ask questions in real time and get feedback from Sam.

Can’t make the virtual event live broadcast? No biggie. All attendees will receive an audio and video of the workshop digitally.