From The Container: An Intimate Women’s Writing Workshop on DESIRE

about this event

This is an intimate Container for up to 10 women to write and talk about our relationships with Desire. You’ll receive 12 thought-provoking prompts for brief bursts of writing and drawing in your own private notebook. Every few minutes, we’ll pause to share insights about the experience and the connections we’re making.

This is not group journaling. This is a deep exploration of your relationship with desire, and an opportunity to put words to your inner experience in a safe, supportive environment. By the end, you’ll have a transformational understanding of your relationship to desire, feel empowered to do and receive all that you desire, and feel a deeper sense of connection to yourself and others.

Why Desire?

For so many women, we often forget to consider what we really want, even when making many basic, harmless decisions. Our decision-making process involves subconsciously evaluating a large network of variables, of which what we desire is sometimes a very small factor. “I want” is quickly followed by “but, I should…” Sometimes, we “give into” our desires. Some desires, we’re afraid to even acknowledge. Yet recognizing what we do and don’t want is key to understanding which parts of lives are true to who we are, and which we are perhaps creating by default or to please others. We’ll explore this theme together in an intimate and supportive all-female community setting.

What women have been saying:

“I loved the entire thing! It was a topic that I felt pretty uncomfortable with, so it was a great, challenging exercise. I liked that the structure was a variety of tasks. My favorite thing was that I was able to connect with myself in a way that I don’t normally and I felt safe doing it.”

I liked how all the prompts were so simple yet could unpack a whole lot of baggage we carry that we may not be aware of.”

“I absolutely appreciated the experience of a Container where we were able to share issues that came up with each prompt. It felt a lot like self care especially because I had felt creatively blocked before with my journaling. Having these prompts and also listening to others share their perspectives was inspiring.”

“I really enjoyed the mix of structure in writing prompts, and how the breaks to share happened after a chunk of exercises had been done, which enabled us to draw connections between exercises and identify themes.”

I really enjoyed hearing from the other women! It was really lovely to see and hear from other women who were doing the same ‘exploration.’ Getting to see the ways in which people’s initial perspectives overlapped and diverged from my initial perspective felt like a really crucial new way of ‘knowing myself’ and reflecting about myself. I loved the social element, the sharing element, the speaking your truth and being vulnerable aspect… all of that really allows the introspective work to feel more enjoyable and salient. It was honestly really, really great.”

About the Facilitator and The Container

Hi! I’m Melissa. I’m the founder of The Container and a former Washington, DC “big law” lawyer and Harvard Law graduate turned facilitator and self-exploration guide. Through The Container, I host and facilitate individual 90-minute Containers and 6-week Container programs to explore different topics that guide you within through writing and sharing.

The Container is not about what I can teach you, it’s about enabling you to finally hear yourself. I believe all the answers are already inside you; the key is to truly show up, ask the right questions, and actually listen. By engaging with the unique, thought-provoking prompts for self-exploration together with other thoughtful, inspiring women, participants in The Container receive amazing insights and clarity about patterns, beliefs, and habits that are holding them back, while feeling more connected to themselves and others.

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Takes place over Zoom

Wednesday, June 10 5:30-7:00 PDT / 8:30-10:00 EDT