Free Workshop: Find Yourself a Mentor

about this event

What we cover:

  • Get clear on what you would like mentorship in (the first step!)
  • Understanding what’s going on in your brain when you’re being mentored
  • Deciding which type of mentor you need – (peer to peer, from afar, 1:1 coaching…there are SO many types and that’s what can make it confusing!)
  • Crafting a list of who you could ask
  • How to asks including templates and tips to reduce your rejection rate!

Our Soundboard formula takes you through a series of fun steps to help you redefine mentorship based on what YOU need, you will craft a list of people to reach out to, we’ll provide scripts and pre-drafted emails for you to send. The event will leave you with the playbook on how to find yourself a mentor…whatever mentorship means to you, we’re all different and have differing needs in terms of mentorship so this workshop gives you the space to craft a plan that is customised to you – and it’s also completely free!

About Soundboard:

Soundboard is an alternative peer to peer mentorship and idea sharing platform. We create purpose built experiences intended to get people more active in the practice of seeking out the mentors and soundboards they need to find personal and professional fulfilment.

We bring together groups of people from different industries, skill sets and experiences to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives from one another.

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