Free Virtual Breathwork Class

about this event

Breathwork is an active meditation that allows you to safely explore parts of yourself that remain hidden. We use an ancient 3-stage pranayama to activate and move stuck energy and emotional blockages in the body. In this self-discovery practice, your body will naturally open and heal itself over time. 

Join us virtually on May 19th, 2022 to uncover the benefits and transformation possible through Breathwork!

Get Out of Your Head

If you have struggled to meditate in the past whether it was because of a racing mind, or a fidgeting body. This may be the practice you have been looking for. 

Get Into Your Body

Breathwork is a chance to somatically release unfelt or unprocessed grief, anxiety, and emotions. We bypass our minds and dive straight into the body. 

Open Your Heart

As we continually breathe from our belly into our heart center our whole chest expands. The lasting effect is an open heart and radical self-love. 

Some benefits of Breathwork

Release fear, sadness, grief & anxiety

Deepen Your Intuition 

Awaken your creativity

Cultivate self-love and compassion

Explore deeply hidden wounds

Connect with your inner child

Relieve stress and physical pain 

New to Breathwork

Everyone is welcome! No need to have practiced before. Breathwork is done lying down while listening to music. I will guide you through about 25 minutes of active breathing, and then you will have 10minutes to fully relax and integrate your breathing practice.