Free Self-Love Advice

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17.00 BST / 12.00 EDT / 09.00 PT

When self-love coach Aimee Teesdale saw a recent post by Shaun Galenos on Instagram showing how he used to offer free love advice to members of the public – as indicated by the sign he carried – she thought, ‘What a great idea!’

She wasn’t expecting her friend to suggest that she emulated it, though.

The sheer thought of doing so filled Aimee with terror.

Which is how she knew that this was something she could not turn her back from. 

So off she went to her favourite coffee shop armed with a whiteboard offering ‘Free Self-Love Advice’, and has continued to do every single day since. 

And so began an incredible journey that has touched the lives of all the people that have sat down for advice, as well as transformed Aimee’s own. 

Aimee is now offering the same virtually. 

Come and ask Aimee for advice on anything related to self-love and success. 

If there’s something you are wanting to manifest in your life and business but not quite sure how, or you would simply love to learn how you can love yourself more, a quick conversation with Aimee will be sure to enlighten you.