Free Introductory Talk (online)

about this event

 “What is the purpose of my life? What is holding me back from creating the life I would like to live? Why does life seem to get caught and sabotaged by my own thoughts of failure, inadequacy or incompleteness? Is it truly possible to live life in the present moment, without being affected by the chaos and stress of this world?

Ascension effortlessly and rapidly dissolves stress from the nervous system We do not have to create lives defined by our past stress or future worries. We can choose to “Ascend” and rise above our old behavior patterns and internal programs. Do you desire to learn a practice that automatically releases stress and results in personal growth and expansion?

Join us for a live, informal, online Introductory Talk with 2 teachers of Ascension. We are honored and inspired to share this practice with as many people as possible, so others can have the opportunity to learn the Art of Ascension and immediately benefit from the results of this powerful, simple and easy to use practice. Ascension truly is for anyone, anywhere, anytime!