about this event

Become a channel for divine light.

Heal Yourself and Heal the World.

7:00 Spanish / 7:30 English – led by Healer, Natalie.

Have you ever been interested in energy healing, but not sure where to start?

Or, do you want to give back to the world, but not sure how?

Ever tried meditation, but felt it was too hard to concentrate or just not for you?

Every Friday at 7 pm the metaphysical store in East Los Angeles called Starlight Crystal Center will be hosting a 12 Blessings Healing Circle where you can learn how to send out healing energy to the world and become a lightworker. The 12 Blessings are a Mystical Practice given by the Master Jesus through Yoga Master & Trance Medium, Dr. George King. This New Age practice is a Spiritual Tool to help mankind. By becoming a channel for the divine light, you can also heal yourself by lifting up the consciousness of your being and relieving yourself from dis-ease.

People often think of meditation when it comes to spiritual practices, but mantra, other forms of yoga, and prayers of a high vibration like the 12 Blessings can also give you similar benefits! Feel lighter and develop a stronger aura by shining light through you. We kick off the practice with powerful visualizations to prepare for the prayers and then dedicate the practice to family members, groups of people, or anyone or anything that may be in need of healing.

Come and join us!