FREE Connection Salon | East Coast

about this event

humhum is hosting a FREE 60-minute community connection salon to give you a taste of what we’re all about. The theme of this month’s salon: UNSCRIPTED. We’ll be exploring presence, authenticity, and writing our own narratives in our connection exercises.

Come see what it’s like inside a humhum experience!

How the experience will flow:

We kick off with a guided mindfulness practice, and an ice-breaker before moving into small group breakout sessions to foster authentic connection.

humhum’s jam is removing friction from forming new connections; we offer a topic, keep time, let you know who speaks when, and how to keep in touch after if there is shared interest to do so. All you have to do is show up, be yourself, focus on your experience and enjoy the new connections you’re making.

This experience is connection centric, not dating—however we welcome both folks available to dating and those who are unavailable. Because dating is humhum’s wheelhouse, for those of you available to dating we help you follow up on connections you’re interested in.

For all attendees, we offer a private form where you indicate who you’d like to stay connected to and what you’re available to e.g. friendship or intrigued to explore something more. If there is reciprocity, humhum makes an email intro after the event, and helps you deepen in your connection beyond this experience. Don’t worry, if you put “intrigued” and someone else put “friendly,” your secret is safe with us and we connect you as friends to keep in touch.

About humhum

humhum — a platform for conscious, human-to-human connection, and dating offers experiences that bring us closer to ourselves as we connect with one another. Think mindful speed-dating with new friends, around a topic you’ve just learned about.

Cultivate heart/mind qualities that support healthy relationships:



Personal accountability