Free Breathwork Session for powerful Performers, Weds. & Sun.

about this event

You’re invited to this free breathwork session with a 33-min audio experience for performers that will help you to

…clear, balance and energize your body and mind in an incredibly powerful and transformational way so you can

  • release anxiety, blocking emotions and fears and
  • tap into your power, deeper confidence and courage,
  • improve your performance quality,
  • and reach non-ordinary states of consciousness for creative downloads, visions and strategy. 

You will also experience a powerful visualisation that allows you to

…feel into your amazing future state of being and vibrate on this frequency so you can start attracting your career dreams into your life with ease. 

After the session you will feel lighter, brighter, clearer, more connected with yourself, your power and your deams, deeply relaxed and at the same time highly inspired and motivated to share your amazing self with the world. 

You might even leave with a profound realisation about yourself. 

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Superpower Breathwork and success stories:

My entire body felt elevated and connected and I had powerful visions of clarity on what I wanted to focus on this year. What I needed to let go of. And where I wanted to end up in the future. Honestly, it was one of the most magical and moving hours of my life.”C. Shepard

“I didn’t know what to expect. It was – to say the least – an ecstatic experience. I highly recommend working with Clarissa.”S. Gerold, Director of Acting School

It was so empowering. I feel happy, super focused and full of love. It was life-changing. Really.”Birte Hanußrichter, Artistic Director and Performer

About your guide Clarissa: 

Her own transformation from a shy, anxious girl from a small German village to an award-winning actress in the US and now Superpower Coach inspired her to create the most fun and powerful work she could come up with from her own experiences to help other powerful souls in their personal and professional transformation journey and healing process!

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The Breathwork Sessions are better than good! I was amazed with the results that were so immediate in my first session! During the session the work allowed me to release whatever was stuck and tune into myself again. It was like a journey at the end of which I felt totally energized, creativity was flowing and I really felt like celebrating life in an ecstatic cocktail of sensations!It was a wave of joy and gratitude taking over me. I highly recommend it!”Natalia Costa

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If you can have an open mind and are ready to step out of your comfort zone, you will leave this session completely transformed with a new superpower at hand!