FREE Breath work Masterclass

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Pulmonauts – A Journey through Breathwork – 10 Breath Toolkit 

Demistify breathwork and find out what works for you when.

This free masterclass and taster is an experiential introduction to the Pulmanauts 5 session programme (running online July-August)

The Masterclass is free to join and accessible to all, no ongoing commitment required. During the session we will cover an overview of the full programme and learn 2-3 simple breathwork techniques. We will briefly explore the phsiology behind breathwork and there will be time for a Q&A.

It is run by Anna Blackman from anâhata coaching (www.anâ

The full Pulmanauts Programme will empower you with ten simple yet transformative breathwork techniques to apply to your Every Day.

You will gain the skills and understanding to reach into your toolkit, at any time, and within minutes empower yourself with what you need – whether it is:

– More energy and focus – maybe before an important meeting 

– A high state of alertness & fire in body and mind 

– A sense of peace and balance, when feeling out of synch or overwhelm

– Deep relaxation and the ability to switch off, perhaps before bed

– Calmness in the face of anxiety or worry 

– A deeper sense of connection with your body 

– A deeper connection to love

– to shift a feeling of stuckness

– to release a traumatic memory or feeling

– to clear a headache (or hangover) 

– to prepare yourself for quiet meditation

Breath is life, the thread between body and consciousness and it is our human life force. It happens for us automatically whether we are conscious of it or not. In choosing to be conscious of our breath and how we are breathing we open a gateway to new possibilities of health, vitality and the power to have greater navigational control in our lives. Regular practice will lead you to a deeper relationship with yourself and the natural life force within and all around us.

The full programme covers:

· Learning, guidance and deep practice of ten remarkable yet simple breathwork techniques

· Understand the science and physiology of breathwork, why and how you breath really matters and what is happening in your body

· Explore your breath as a go-to for self-regulation of your feelings, thoughts and nervous system 

· Unlock you breath and as a gateway to expansion and growth

· Leave with a 10 Breath Toolkit to apply with confidence in your everyday

· Lifetime access to resources and recordings