Four Invitations Of Grief Stone Medicine Circle

about this event

Join us for an intentional gathering wherein we’ll meditate, reflect upon The Four Invitations of Grief and lead you through how to use stone medicine to support you in navigating your unique grief journey. Kindly note that this workshop will be honoring and holding space for all types of grief. We believe that it is through coming together, in community with courage, that we can heal and transform on the deepest levels.

Come with courage. Expand with heart. See you soon!

Facilitated by Jasmin Jenkins and Savannah KIng.

Jasmin is a Grief Guide who guides people through their grief journeys with her method, The Four Invitations of Grief.

Savannah is a goldsmith and healer sharing Stone Medicine from an ancient taoist lineage. She works with stones as allies for awakened consciousness and health through intention, ritual, and on the body treatments.