Flower Essence Meditation ::: Emotional Release Workshop

about this event

During the Flower Essence Meditation Workshop, you will learn how to recognize emotions & emotional triggers & release them from your spaces with the flower essence & simple intuitive meditation tools. 

Working with flower essences & these tools give you space so you can live a happy, healthy & authentic life. 


  • Have your Flower Essence Elixir
  • Bring your favorite journal & writing tool
  • Be somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed for the entire workshop time



Includes Flower Essence Elixir (tax & shipping in US included)

ZOOM or recording sent via email

  • As if we were meeting in person, I will invite you to turn your camera on for the entire workshop.

1st Wednesday of each month

February 1st ::: ISSUES WITH BOUNDARIES ::: Centered Centaur Elixir


  • March 1st ::: DIS-EASE + SICKNESS ::: Free Elf Elixir
  • April 5th ::: SELF DOUBT + UNCERTAINTY ::: Confident Gnome Elixir
  • May 3rd ::: DULLNESS + WORKAHOLIC TENDENCIES ::: Joyous Unicorn Elixir
  • April 5th ::: MONEY + FINANCIAL ISSUES ::: Abundant Leprechaun Elixir
  • May 3rd::: SLEEP + QUIETING THE MIND ISSUES ::: Sleepy Dwarf Elixir