Finding True Peace in Anxious Times – A Guided Meditation Gathering Online

about this event

These are powerful and charged times.

It has never been more important or more urgent to find our center. To look within and discover our universality. To find peace within the spinning noise and chaos of the world. This is how we can transcend the myth of separateness. The old ideas that say we can exist alone or apart from the whole of life, the whole of humanity. This is how we can rise up as a force of awakening and create a more harmonious world, inside and out. And increasingly recognize that inside and outside are also inseparable.

Finding peace in ourselves is not about avoidance or inaction. It is about feeling fully. It is about showing up courageously and bearing witness to the entire spectrum of human experience and human feelings. And from this recognition, taking action from – and as – Love itself.

Every Monday I will be offering a spontaneous guided meditation – always in response to the needs of those gathered and always pointing you back to your essential nature and the place where we are one.

I invite you to join me.

There is no better tool for moving through these times with wisdom, dignity and grace.