Find Yourself a Mentor in 2022

about this event

Grab your pens, notebooks, a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) & get comfortable …On Tuesday March 22nd we’re running our free “how to find a mentor” event. Last year we had over 100 sign ups and such an amazing response from those who attended and this year we’re coming to the table with an even better event! 

Our “Soundboard Formula for Finding a Mentor” is a series of action based exercises that are guaranteed to find you a mentor, we cover:

✨ Vision Setting – It’s impossible to find a mentor when you don’t know what you need mentorship in

✨ Who to ask & what type of mentor you need for different situations (Peer to peer? From afar? 1:1 coaching? Mentorship comes in many different forms which can make it pretty confusing!)

✨ Email & DM template – How to craft a list of who you could ask to be your mentor and how to reach out to them!

… You can come & chill out with your camera off, or opt to take part in the matches ! 🙌

Read More about Soundboard Mentorship here